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Jonathan Gregson

Jonathan Gregson

We source both our beans and milk from UK small producers. Our milk comes from  cows at Northiam dairy and our coffee is hand roasted in small batches by Square Mile Coffee Roasters in East London. Right now their Red Brick blend of espresso is composed of:

50% La Serrania (Colombia)

50% Recreio Estate (Brazil)

The La Serrania has plenty of fruit notes with grapefruit, peaches and white grapes presenting a juicy cup balanced with a subtle toffee flavour. The Recreio Estate is a delicious Brazilian coffee, with notes of walnuts, cocoa and a green grape acidity, figs and a molasses sweetness.

 We are brewing it using the following recipe:

Dose : 19 grams

Brew temperature : 201ºF-202ºF/94ºC-94.5ºC

Brew time : 28-30 sec

Total Volume : approx 50 ml

Brew weight : 36-38 grams

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Images reproduced with kind permission from The Ginger and White Cookbook, Mitchell Beazley (2014)