Our Story

The Origins

Tonia George, along with Nick and Emma Scott opened their first Ginger & White café in leafy Hampstead in 2009.  This was followed by neighbouring Belsize Park and then a shop in Soho.  The cafe's were a huge hit in all their local communities.

10 years later, Nick and Emma decided they'd prefer a quieter life in the countryside.  Ginger & White, which they had nurtured and loved would have to be sold.

Ginger & White

In May 2019, Victoria and Gili bought Ginger & White in Hampstead, a cozy coffee shop nestled amidst the historic streets.  It had become more than just a place for morning coffee; it had become a haven, a sanctuary - a true “Happy Place.”

They did not want to see their favourite coffee shop turn into another brand, or change at all! They poured their hearts in, renovating it with care but not so much that it lost its charm. The simple goal was to keep Ginger & White running as a wonderful place for regular and new customers.  

They restored it to the magical cafe it was in the past, while adding their own special touch. This little corner of Hampstead bloomed with new energy, while its heart and soul remained as warm and inviting as ever. It has become more than just a place to drink coffee; it is a place where memories are crafted, where love stories begin, and where a community is flourishing.

Victoria started Lola's Cupcakes back in 2006.  She lives in Hampstead with her husband and two sons.  Gili is a passionate baker and chef, she makes the most amazing cakes and nothing is ever too much effort.  She lives in Hampstead with her husband and 5 children.

Hampstead's Bluezone

Blue Zones are special areas on earth known for the exceptional health and longevity of people who live there. It is a lot about eating right and staying active; but primarily people living in Blue Zones forge meaningful connections and nurture a sense of belonging. They are proof that the power of community has an immense impact on our long term health and happiness.

We did not realise the sense of community we would create at G&W, the moments of connection and happiness we would find. Our team are like family. They look after each other and our customers with genuine care - and the feeling is mutual. It is this constellation of little things that add up.

The Okinawans call it “Ikigai” and the Nicoyans call it “plan de vida” and it means “why I wake up in the morning.” For so many of us, it starts at G&W which unwittingly embodies a sense of community that mirrors the spirit of Blue Zones. We wouldn’t do life without it!