Our Produce

Direct from British Farmers

We take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients directly from British farmers.

Our award winning free range eggs are from a family run farm and our meat is from Rare Breed in Essex. We make our own peanut butter, jams and granola.

Our bread is baked either by us or by artisan bakery Seven Seeded and cakes are made in our own bakery by hand. 

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Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

We make our own delicious peanut butter.
G&W Granola

G&W Granola

We make our own granola from scratch.
Olive Sourdough

Olive Sourdough

We bake fresh olive sourdough bread in our bakery.

Our Spreads

We make our own peanut butter, strawberry and raspberry jam.

Other varieties are from England Preserves and include:

  • Victoria Plum
  • Gooseberry and Elderflower
  • London Marmalade (Orange)
  • Bramble

Our Eggs

The most popular item at Ginger and White is dippy eggs paired with freshly baked white sourdough, so the quality of our eggs is key!

Our eggs are award winning and free range. They are British Lion Quality and come from a family run farm.

The hens’ welfare is at the heart of their farming policy - keeping hens happy, healthy and safe is their number one priority. They roam freely in a natural, stimulating environment.

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